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Private Dermatology Clinic in Reigate

At our Clinic in Reigate, our team of experienced private GPs and visiting Consultant Dermatologist are trained to diagnose and treat a wide array of skin conditions. Our doctors can offer comprehensive mole cancer checks and provide treatment for problem skin such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and rosacea. Furthermore, when required our doctors can perform biopsies to test for skin diseases.

Dermatology Service

Our GPs have experience treating a wide range of skin complaints including warts, moles, scars as well as common skin issues like psoriasis, acne rosacea or eczema. In addition to these services, we also offer mole cancer checks which can help detect early signs of melanoma.

Private GP appointments cost £115. Mole checking appointments, which take  a little longer, cost £180 for 1-5 moles and £280 for 6-10 moles. Call us on 01737 238688 to book an appointment.


Mole Checks

If you have multiple moles, new or large moles, or a family history of skin cancer, you may want to consider booking for a mole check.

Regular mole checking is key to the early detection of melanoma skin cancer.

What happens during your appointment?

During your appointment, our doctor will closely examine your moles. Any that show signs of melanoma will be closely assessed using a specialised magnifying glass called a dermatoscope.

Suspicious moles may be removed through a minor procedure (additional charge – your doctor will confirm the costs once mole(s) assessed).

How to prepare for a mole check

Your doctor will explain their findings to you and answer any questions you may have. Please avoid wearing skin creams or makeup on the day of your appointment, so that your moles can be seen clearly.

After your assessment

Your doctor will let you know if they recommend a biopsy or the removal of any abnormal moles. If you’ve had a mole removed as part of your appointment, it will be checked for cancer. Your consultant will share the results and let you know if any further treatment is needed.

Regular mole checking is key to the early detection of melanoma, so your consultant may recommend another appointment in six or 12 months. They’ll tell what signs to look for, so you can continue to monitor any changes to your moles between appointments.

Book a Mole Check Appointment Here

Mole Check Service Cost:

1-5 moles – £180

6-10 moles – £280

Clinic Location

Rapid access, convenient and quick appointments.

Private GP Clinic – Opening in April 2023
Stanton House (on one-way to Reigate Centre)
1 Castlefield Road
Surrey RH2 0SA
01737 238688

Private GP Clinic Reigate

Our Dermatology Clinics help patients right across Surrey. From Guildford and Dorking in the West to Redhill and Gatwick all from our consulting rooms in Reigate. We have helped hundreds of patients with our private GP services across Surrey. If you need to see a GP quickly, call us on 01737 238688  and we will be able to arrange an appointment.