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Steroid/Cortisone Joint Injections (Image Guided Joint Injections)

Ultrasound Guided Steroid Injection/Aspiration – £275

Available at our West Byfleet Health Centre Clinic on The Ground Floor

What is a joint injection?

Joint injections, also known as Cortisone, are a quick procedure to inject hydrocortisone (a type of steroid) directly into an inflamed, swollen joint to provide pain relief. Damage or injury to a joint can cause chronic joint pain and make it harder to enjoy everyday activities such as:

  • Driving
  • Playing sport
  • Walking around easily

Conditions that may cause joint pain include:

  • Arthritis
  • Bursitis (housemaid’s knee)
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tendonitis (tennis elbow)

A joint injection could benefit you by reducing inflammation and swelling in the affected joint, especially if you’re experiencing:

  • Elbow pain
  • Hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Wrist pain

After a joint injection, your pain should improve and you can move your joint more easily, allowing you to get back to your usual routine. If you don’t think injections are for you, hydrocortisone can also be received in the form of skin creams, foam and tablets.

These steroids are only available with a prescription. Before recommending joint injections, your clinician will ask about your general health and may check your blood pressure and blood sugar, as hydrocortisone can raise these.

Hydrocortisone isn’t suitable for everyone, so you should tell your clinician if you:

  • Are allergic to hydrocortisone or other medicines
  • Have depression or bipolar disorder, or if any members of your family have these illnesses
  • Have an infection, or have recently come in close contact with somebody with chickenpox, measles or shingles
  • Are trying to conceive, currently pregnant or you’re breastfeeding
  • Have recently had or will soon have any vaccinations

You won’t have to wait long to find out if joint injections are right for you, and if you have more than one painful joint you can discuss whether to have them treated at the same time.


Patient Information – Steroid Joint & Soft Tissue Injections

Steroid flare reaction: frequently people notice a flare of symptoms within the first 24 to 48 hours after an injection. This usually settles on its own within a couple of days. Use your usual pain killers to relieve symptoms.

Thinning of skin: occasionally some thinning of the skin may occur at the injection site. This is more likely to happen if you have a higher dose of steroid.

Change in glycemic control: People with diabetes may find that the steroid injection affects their blood sugar control; sometimes you may notice a temporary blood sugar rise. It is recommended that you check your blood levels more regularly; it may take between 1-3 weeks for them to settle.

Facial flushing

We advise you spend time in the clinic waiting area and make sure you feel well before you leave. Avoid strenuous activity for the rest of the day.

The injected area may be numb for up to 24 hours. The injected site and below the injection site may be sore for one to two days.

Do not use heat pads or any other form of heat on the injection site for two days following the injection. You may however choose to use an ice pack on the injection site as required, if you find this beneficial.

For a weight bearing joint we recommend that you rest and gently potter at home for 2 days post injection to improve the likelihood of a good response.

You may develop a bruise at the injection site.

Most people notice improvement in their pain in 2 weeks. Maximum improvement of your pain may take up to 6 weeks following your injection.

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