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Health Checks in Reigate

At the Private GP Clinic in Reigate we can offer comprehensive health checks for men and women of all ages with our experienced private GPs.

Health Checks in Reigate

At the Private GP Clinic in Reigate we can offer comprehensive health checks for men and women of all ages with our experienced private GPs.

Women’s Health Checks in Reigate

We have a wide range of health checks for our female patients. Our women’s health checks include physical examinations, cardiovascular checks, blood pressure monitoring as well as breast and pelvic examinations, smear tests, bone density scans for patients over 50. If you have concerns about your mental health, stress or anxiety we can also assist with these.

Men’s Health Checks in Reigate

Starting with a comprehensive physical examination our men’s health checks include a height and weight measurements, blood pressure checks and blood tests to check for signs of diabetes or high cholesterol. We also check your vital organs, such as the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys.

Part of our screening includes mental health assessment to ascertain your overall wellbeing.

Health Checks For Over 60s

For patients aged 60 or older we have senior health checks to look at some of the common problems which can occur more frequently with age such as vision testing, hearing tests and balance. We can also provide advice to help you cope with stress, anxiety or symptom management if you have chronic illnesses such as diabetes or arthritis.
In addition to our extensive examinations, we can provide healthy lifestyle advice concerning your sleeping, eating and exercise patterns for people of all ages.

Our doctors will consider your whole health and guide you on measures to prevent future illness wherever possible.

Our friendly staff in Reigate will be happy to answer any health related questions you may have and discuss which of our services is most suitable for you.

Health Check Price
Basic Health Check (Includes Blood Test)
Weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), Blood Pressure, Resting Pulse, Urine analysis, visual acuity, Full Blood Test
CA125 Blood Test
Detection of the CA 125 protein in your blood may indicate the presence of ovarian cancer. Early detection can increase the rates of survival as only a third of the 6,800 women diagnosed survive for five years. Early detection can increase the survival rate to 90% of women
HE4 Blood Test
HE4 is a new marker which is over-expressed in patients with ovarian cancer. This test is not currently available on the NHS.
Combined CA125 and HE4 Blood Test
ROMA – A Risk of Ovarian Malignancy Algorithm classifies patients as being at high or low risk for malignant disease using both the CA 125 and HE4 results.
When combined with CA 125, this significantly raises the level of sensitivity for the detection
Hormone Profile Blood Test
Hormones govern every activity of your body, from growth and metabolism to reproduction and your sleep cycle. Even a small imbalance in your hormone levels can have a significant impact on your health affecting your mood and energy levels as well as fertility and libido
Senior Blood Profile (Age 60+) £516.50
Sexual Health Blood Profiles
You’ll find us very understanding and discreet so please be reassured about using our professional service with confidence. Testing includes Chlamydia, Gonorthoea, Mycoplasma Genitalium, Ureaplasma, Trichomonas Vaginalis, Herpes. Individual tests can also be requested
from £181.50
Smear Test / Coil Removal £208
Contraceptive Implant Removal £150
Contraceptive Implant Exchange £399
Contraceptive Implant £349

Clinic Location

Rapid access, convenient and quick appointments.

Private GP Clinic – Opening in April 2023
Stanton House (on one-way to Reigate Centre)
1 Castlefield Road
Surrey RH2 0SA
01737 238688

Private GP Clinic Reigate

Our Health Check Clinics help patients right across Surrey. From Guildford and Dorking in the West to Redhill and Gatwick all from our consulting rooms in Reigate. We have helped hundreds of patients with our private GP services across Surrey. If you need to see a GP quickly, call us on 01737 238688 and we will be able to arrange an appointment.